Creative Business Hub, Wolverhampton

This project is intended to revitalise this historic quarter of Wolverhampton by supporting new businesses to set up and flourish in an attractive environment and community of like minded people.

The concept is to retain and rediscover the existing historic building and internal spaces with distinctive contemporary interventions and additions complementing the original fabric. A new triple height shared space is formed at the heart of the building to provide a visual and physical link between the existing floors and to house the vertical circulation with a sculptural staircase articulating the space.

New public realm is created at the front of the site with high quality landscaping providing space for people to meet, socialise and relax. A steel pavilion defines the approach to the building within the streetscape, carrying signage and enabling the historic building to remain uncluttered.

At the rear of the existing building a multi-purpose cafe and conference pavilion provides social and event space for the creative businesses located within the hub. A simple steel canopy utilises the historical proportions of the original building and shades a crisp enclosure with exposed glu-lam timber grid structure lending a warm and natural texture to the internal spaces.

New courtyard spaces are formed adjacent to existing nurses home building and the conference pavilion, with native trees and stone detailing providing high quality outdoor spaces.