Brasshouse Lane Community Centre

This scheme has remodelled and refurbished a tired 1960’s community centre to provide fresh and dynamic spaces. North Smethwick Development Trust had acquired the centre through an asset transfer from the local authority and had successfully applied for Lottery Funding to invest in the buildings improvement.

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We worked with the client to create a virtually new building from the shell of the old, retrofitting it to provide open, welcoming and flexible spaces which cater for the needs of the groups that use the centre and giving the building a new identity.

The scheme remodelled and refurbished the entirety of the existing building to provide a new reception and entrance areas, and an extension to the community hall. The increased volume of the main entrance area creates an attractive space, which increases the prominence and drama of the building.

The refurbishment of the building included complete re-cladding of the existing elevations, renewal of the windows and re-roofing. The intention was not only to refresh the building but also substantially improve its thermal performance and reduce its energy consumption.

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