We re-developed a master plan on North Arran Way Village Hub in North Solihull for Sigma In Partnership to create supported housing consisting of 28 self contained residential units.

1205 sk05-GF-Plan

The project responds to the need to replace the outdated accommodation at Ipswich Walk and a requirement for a supported scheme for people with mental health issues and learning difficulties; providing some permanent homes as well as transitional supported housing offering services and accommodation for an agreed time to allow tenants to gain the skills and confidence to move on to more independent living.

The apartments are designed to cater for a range of tenant needs, assist in the delivery of their support and encourage a social atmosphere within the building and connection with the community. A communal multi-purpose space for residents allows the potential for group social space and quieter relaxation to allow people to be on their own without feeling isolated. This space is linked directly to the entrance area and outdoor amenity space.

The site benefits from the regeneration of this area and creation of North Arran Way High Street which will provide improvements to public realm and urban quality. The building responds to the scale and character of the architecturally distinct buildings which will form Phase One of the regeneration, contributing to a cohesive street scene, key views and street vistas.