Quarry Park Disc Golf

Quarry Park Disc Golf course is immediately next to River Studio. The course is in Green Belt and we achieved Planning Approval for the replacement of the existing ad-hoc facilities with a new clubhouse.


The clubhouse will provide essential spaces for the operation of the Club in a new building which does not exceed the footprint of the existing structures on site in order to maintain the scale and openness of the Green Belt. The scale of the new building has been intentionally restricted to a single storey horizontal form with a duo pitched traditional roof form that mirrors both that of the existing structures on site and many traditional agricultural buildings.

The building has been designed to have great connection the external environment with an outdoor covered space at its centre blurring the boundaries between inside and out, allowing views through the covered outdoor space from one end of the building to the other.

Materials have been carefully selected to compliment the rural character of the site whilst providing a high quality contemporary appearance that is robust and sustainable.