Bosworth Wood Nursery

The simplicity of the building is key to its aesthetic, with the rationality of the plan central to understanding the overall concept. The simplicity of the children's spaces allows for transformation and flexibility of use, depending on the activities taking place. The building embraces multi-functionality in its arrangement and in its environmental character.


The main circulation area runs down the centre of the building connecting the entrance to a covered play area at the rear, it has been made wider than usual and acts as focal space or piazza at the heart of the building, with the children's and community spaces all accessed off it through large glazed screens that connect the spaces. Externally, timber cladding has been juxtaposed with render to create a warm yet contemporary aesthetic, with coloured panels placed strategically within the elevation to highlight certain key elements.

Connection with the outside is an important aspect of our design, as it allows the children to experience the natural rhythms of their environment; the changes of the seasons and the weather, and the movement of the sun and shadows