No.1+2 Legge Lane

Inspired by the historic typology of the Jewellery Quarter, these nine individual townhouses have been thoughtfully designed to respond to the characteristics of the site and how people will inhabit them.

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The site lies within the Jewellery Quarter Conservation Area but the buildings currently on the site date from the mid 1960’s and are set back from the street. We have designed a mixed use development, working with LIV Property.

The proposed scheme has been designed to respect the urban context of the site in height and scale whilst ensuring that there is activity and occupancy on the site at all times of day. The design knits the building line back together on Legge Lane and compliments the neighbouring listed buildings. This will allow the development to become an active and lively part of the wider community and contribute positively to the life of the quarter.

A reinterpretation of the Georgian and Victorian terraces which filled the quarter before its industrialisation, we have inverted the traditional residential typology placing the living spaces upstairs to provide each individual house with maximum daylight through large triple glazed units, double height spaces and a strong connection to the outdoors with terraces overlooking the courtyard.

Photography by Tom Bird.

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