11 Tenby Street

Formerly our practice studio on Tenby Street, this office needed to be both a statement about the philosophy of the practice, and a functional and inspiring space in which to work.


The central philosophy behind the design is transparency. Transparency between the internal spaces of the studio and Tenby Street gives the practice a tangible link to the urban fabric and also creates a clear link between the work of the practice and the Jewellery Quarter. The transparency is created by making all surfaces parallel to the wall of east facing glazing onto the street transparent or translucent.

Light is important to the design of the studio both practically for a good working environment, and aesthetically, the lighting defines the different spaces within the open plan layout. White concrete walls provide the backdrop, creating a minimal environment that emphasises the key design statements. The minimal folded structural steel staircase is the link between the meeting spaces downstairs to the mezzanine Studio space.

IMG 7346