2015 RIBA WM Awards – Judges Comments

B919-1 1

"Sjölander da Cruz have created a restrained and desirable series of mews style living spaces around a central courtyard, that serves as an attractive communal area for enjoying the space and interacting with neighbours and friends. Simple steel mesh balconies provide an appealing corridor in the sky. Living spaces and kitchens are located on the upper floors which successfully serves to maximise daylight.

By stripping back the building and using a simple palette of materials, the Badge Works retains the character of the former Reeves badge making Factory whilst adding a subtle and contemporary feel that retains the character of the Jewellery Quarter Conservation Area and adds a beguiling ethos of contemporary city living.

This is a convincing addition to the Jewellery Quarter’s burgeoning collection of urban apartments that in the process has raised the standard in the area."

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